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About the JobWhiz™

  • Top-tier business schools regularly seek her support and advice.
  • She's been profiled by Forbes magazine and in WSJ CareerJournal.
  • Her groundbreaking techniques and swift-turnaround results have garnered elite endorsements from NetShare, BlueSteps, The Ladders and MENG.

Who is this full-spectrum dynamo? Her name is Debra Feldman.

Debra Feldman is the one and only JobWhiz™, a nationally recognized job search and networking expertwho's earned the reverence and respect of top-level executives across virtually all industries.

Sought after to present, teach, and speak in front of some of the world's most prominent movers and shakers – including Harvard Business School alumni and at WSJ CareerJournal/Kennedy Information-sponsored events – Debra is a self-made success story with over two decades of senior project management leadership and entrepreneurial ingenuity.

Debra, like many of her corporate clients, always wanted more. She began with a degree in nursing, and her insatiable mind for business drove her on to a Master's in Public Health from Columbia University. Not only did she have a penchant for marketing and strategizing, but she soon discovered that she also had a gift for it. Unfortunately, no job seemed to fully embrace her interests and abilities. Not one to sit back and accept the limit of what's offered, she harnessed her passions and talents to create her own perfect job. And in 2000, the JobWhiz™ was born.

From her popular column, "Hidden Job Market Secrets" (archived on, to regular appearances in TENG, MENG, NetShare, FEI and AICPA member newsletters, Debra's name and know-how have become guiding resources for countless professionals. A multi-talented media maven currently developing a television pilot for CareerBuilder/Tribune Company, Debra has propelled herself as the uncontested leader of the executive career search realm.

Debra also lends her expertise to a host of insider bibles – Vault, IEEE,, Monster, WetFeet, Dice, MarketingProfs, NetworkMoves, The Ladders, and Experience/eProNet, to name a few. She's quoted in numerous career management, résumé, and interview guides, and she's even been featured in the top-selling Knock 'Em Dead series.

More potent than her impressive credentials, however, are Debra's inviolable strength of character and her flair as a consummate professional.

Debra Feldman is sincere, candid, sophisticated, and fiercely strategic. And that's exactly why she's the best there is.

Her boundless energy and unrivaled moxie turn impossible roadblocks into thruways of opportunities. She's the one and only JobWhiz™, after all. With Debra Feldman by your side, your executive ascent knows no bounds.

Don't you wish you could navigate through the labyrinth of bureaucratic blind alleys and corporate cul-de-sacs with the best there is, right by your side? Contact Debra now! (Your future self will thank you!)

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