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Debra Feldman, The JobWhiz™, provides a unique service to professionals looking to accelerate their executive job searches. Here, you'll find some of the most common questions posed to her by past clients, many of whom have shared their success stories to inspire executives like them to learn how to Network Purposefully™.

Frequently Asked Questions About The JobWhiz and Her Powerful Executive Job Search Strategy

I've been looking for a new position on my own, but I'm getting nowhere.
How can you speed up my search?

Not everyone can recognize the barriers that may be blocking their path to success. Debra has helped dozens of executives overcome the barriers, and she can help you, too. By making sure that you've correctly positioned yourself to appeal to your target companies, Debra can plan a successful campaign down to the smallest detail, and she pursues that campaign at high velocity, with gusto, panache, and appropriate levels of pizzazz, to get the job done.

Contact Debra now, and get your executive job search on the fast track!

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Why do I need The JobWhiz's services?

If you're a successful professional, you know how to delegate. Attorneys deal with your legal matters. Accountants handle your tax matters. Shouldn't you also rely on a pro when it comes to the crucial matter of your career?

That's where Debra Feldman comes in. As the one-and-only JobWhiz, Debra serves as your personal career advocate, providing you with the tools, the access, and the confidence you need in order to Network Purposefully™. Her proven process creates a foundation of immensely valuable contacts that not only vitalizes your job search, but serves you time and time again, throughout your executive ascent.

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How is your service different from all other career marketing firms?

Simple: These firms are impersonal in their approach to prospective employers. Debra Feldman is not.

Whereas these firms specialize in sending out literally thousands of résumés to myriad companies (and pride themselves on response rates measured in tenths of a percent!), Debra works with you to identify specific companies and contacts within the industry for which you want to work. She also guarantees her success rate of 95% connecting to employer contacts.

Second, these firms are just that – companies with little or no personal investment in your success. When you work with Debra, your goals are her goals. Her repuatation and livelihood depend on not only on your success, but YOUR COMPLETE SATISFACTION with the services she provides.

Finally, the impersonal process makes these firms inflexible - you do things their way, or not at all. But your own career experience surely demonstrates that to be successful, you MUST be flexible. With Debra, your campaign is designed to meet your specific requirements, adapted to account for the uniqueness of your circumstances, and implemented to showcase your exceptional talent and worth.

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How are you different from headhunters and recruiters?

Headhunters and recruiters are employed by companies just looking to match you to a job description, and they take a percentage of your salary as their finder's fee.

Debra, on the other hand, works exclusively for your benefit. She designs and executes a savvy strategy, custom-tailored to your needs, and never takes a penny from any employer. Her allegiance is clear: It's with YOU. As a result, she's often been referred to as an "inside-out headhunter" or a "reverse recruiter." And Debra's compensation is independent of the position you accept, because she doesn't take a percentage of your salary.

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What do you mean by "Network Purposefully™"?

Because the overwhelming majority of senior-level positions are filled without ever being advertised, it's not just what you know, but whom you know - and who knows you - that truly matters. Together, you and Debra will lay the foundation for a career-spanning network of crucial insider contacts, allowing you to tap into the so-called "hidden job market" for your next job – and every job thereafter.

Debra relies on three things to deliver on her promises:

  • Her own high-level corporate experience
  • Her access to exclusive resources, contacts and databases
  • Her exquisite and cultured moxie

Debra's reputation is her most treasured asset – and she'll do what it takes to keep it that way. So when she says she'll help you "Network Purposefully," it's not just a nice-sounding phrase – it's a core-driven guarantee.

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I hate cold calling – it's awkward and it makes me feel like I'm looking for a handout. What can you do about that for me?

Most people are not skilled at networking for themselves, either over the phone or in person. Debra's secret weapon is that she has a true gift for networking, and she's so good at it that she's built JobWhiz into a very successful business. Let her put this powerful skill to work for you, by opening the doors and making the connections with key insiders, so they're focused on how you can help them – not on how they can help you.

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How can you guarantee your results?

Debra can't guarantee you a job offer – only employers can make that happen. What she can guarantee, though, is to get in the door at your target companies, make direct contact with decision makers – and by that she means the hiring managers, not HR personnel, and to present your desire to network.

You'll expedite your executive job search by getting exclusive access to these managers, who have already been informed of your unique value by Debra, and who are prepared to speak with you.

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Do you really have a 95% success rate in reaching target contacts?

Yes, because Debra arranges the introductions herself! But you don't have to take Debra's word for it – check out the success stories of executives like you who have used her as an enthusiastic guide, an insightful mentor, a powerful advocate, a confidential representative, and a gifted partner, to purposely build a network of invaluable connections.

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Debra, do you have any experience dealing with my industry, my field, or my area of expertise?

Debra delivers rewarding results to clients whose specialties range from high technology to marketing and sales, from finance and investment to creative disciplines and management consulting. How has she been so successful, across such a broad spectrum of industries and professions? Because her strengths and skills lie in reaching key, action-oriented decision makers regardless of industry.

And if your field isn't well-known or well-publicized, then developing the necessary connections is even more vital to your eventual success. If you don't obtain inside leads in a field where positions are only sourced through recommendations and referrals, then your job search is bound to stall. Debra's dogged resourcefulness and ability to create and maintain strategic, lifelong career networks will unearth the connections you need to drive your campaign forward.

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How does it look to an employer if I have an agent like you introducing me?

In a word, IMPRESSIVE! It's similar to working with a recruiter or headhunter from a hiring manager's perspective – when they deal with Debra, they're dealing with a woman who's walked in their shoes and who knows what they need to hear. And it looks especially remarkable to hiring managers because you're making an unprecedented effort to demonstrate your value. You'll stand out in their minds for your initiative because you used Debra to develop the competitive advantage that a targeted network provides and you are represented without the usually steep headhunter fee.

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Debra, you don't work near where I live, or where I want to work. How can you be effective for me?

These days, there are often several phases to the hiring process, and most hiring managers won't grant an in-person interview until candidates have had a successful preliminary interview via telephone or videoconferencing.

Because of Debra's uncanny telephone skills, she gets you the attention you deserve by reaching out to decision makers in a way that unsolicited inquiries via mail or e-mail just can't match. She gets them excited to talk to you, so jazzed that she's able to arrange for you to interact with them yourself.

And Debra's East Coast location allows her to reach target contacts anywhere from the West Coast to Western Europe during their normal business hours – all without losing too much sleep.

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I've got little or no time to dedicate to a job search. How much of this can I delegate to you?

As much of it as you need to. Your input will be needed at the beginning to make sure that Debra can design a strategy suitable to your goals and aspirations. After that, Debra can do virtually all the legwork for you, setting up appointments to talk with the people you need to know – and who need to know you – in a matter of weeks, not months ... and on the QT if necessary.

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I need to keep my job search a secret. How do you ensure confidentiality?

Being a third-party advocate has distinct advantages. Among them is the ability to talk with key decision makers about your skills and their needs without revealing your identity until you say the word.

Whether you're simply testing the waters to determine your marketability, or you're committed to finding a new position, Debra will make confidential inquires on your behalf, and provide you with the insight and tools you need to make informed career decisions. This way, you're able to explore new opportunities through Debra's networking expertise, even within your current industry, and know you're not risking your current position or your privacy.

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I've always been targeted by headhunters or promoted internally. How do I start my own job search?

With certain advances in technology, and due to the tactics of mass resume mailers and e-mailers, the hiring process gets more complicated every day. More automated phone systems and online application hurdles. More layers of people between the outside world and the hiring managers. More chances for you to get lost in the shuffle.

Let Debra banish the barriers to your executive ascent. Contact Debra to get started, or explore the site to learn more about Debra, the fast-track services she offers, the highly-effective process she uses, and the success stories of other executives who used Debra's one-of-a-kind approach to get to the next level.

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