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Companies and industries are dynamic - shouldn't your executive job search campaign be dynamic, too? You need a nimble approach to deal with the ever-changing corporate landscape, and that's what Debra Feldman, The JobWhiz™, provides for you.

Network Purposefully™: Emphasize Connections over Job Vacancies, Opportunities over HR Requirements

The heart of Debra's approach is purposeful networking, because it's not just what you know, but whom you know - and who knows you - that truly matters.

Review your own pattern of advancement over the years, and think about how you recruited people for your own teams. Did you choose from a stack of résumés, or fill a vital position with a person from a recruitment service? Or did you call upon your own established connections, relying on those trusted sources for recommendations? You've probably helped friends and colleagues get where they are today with similar tactics that thrive on strong, qualified relationships.

Debra creates life-changing connections for you so when opportunity knocks, your door swings wide open.

    Debra starts you off with a comprehensive telephone consultation, and performs a rigorous assessment to determine how best to position you, how to most clearly state the unique value you provide, and how to create a campaign strategy that uses your values and your positioning to their best advantage.
    Once you've worked with Debra to identify companies you want to target, Debra uses her expertise, her databases, and her own network to identify the people who need to know about you. Then she breaks the ice for you by making the phone calls, sending correspondence, and getting you connected. She doesn't rest until those key contacts are primed to talk to you. And with a success rate of over 95% on targeted contacts, you know your mission is being executed with brilliant results.
    With the focus firmly set on pitching your singular abilities and making choice connections – NOT thrusting you into pre-fab positions – Debra orchestrates the introductions, so that you can concentrate on building your network. These contacts provide opportunities to generously share resources, ideas, and insights. This is how you get yourself on the inside track for unadvertised job leads - for your next job, and every job thereafter.

Debra takes your networking - and your network itself - to a new level of effectiveness. She compresses your job search into weeks, not months, by focusing your effort and talent on building the vital relationships you need to accelerate your executive ascent.

Intelligence and insight coupled with instinct and imagination –that's what you get when you put Debra Feldman's savvy expertise to work for your future.

And now, it's YOUR turn to get on DEBRA'S calendar. Contact Debra now to learn more about the first phase of your dynamic executive job search campaign.

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