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The strategy that Debra Feldman, the JobWhiz, creates on your behalf is so successful, she virtually propels your executive job search forward. Of course, only employers can make the hiring decisions. But time and again, her clients have proven the astonishing, career-altering power of learning to Network Purposefully™.

Let Debra Feldman, the JobWhiz™, help YOU. She personally designs and executes all projects, dedicating her time and talents to your success.

Are YOU an ideal client for Debra's services? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you unsure how to begin your executive job search?
  • Have you been searching for a position for months without success?
  • Are you uncomfortable making cold calls to promote yourself and your accomplishments?
  • Does your current position keep you too busy to build your own network?
  • Are you curious about your marketability, but concerned about confidentiality?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, then Debra Feldman can help you not only in your current search, but by helping you build a lifelong network of significant contacts, Debra's services will also help you in every job search you embark upon for the rest of your executive career.

Get on the FastTrack Express!

The hallmark of Debra's business is the FastTrack Express program. This program is individually designed based on an extensive consultation with you, taking into account your previous experience, the field or position into which you want to move, and any specifications you have regarding location, salary, benefits, corporate culture, or opportunities for future growth.

After your exclusive, highly personalized consultation, Debra will:

  1. Carefully review your positioning to ensure that your presentation to potential employers is in line with your career goals.
  2. Help you identify target companies most compatible with your skills and interests.
  3. Use her remarkable talents and energy to get deep inside those companies.
  4. Personally present a remarkable and memorable message to employers about you.
With her incredible flair for making successful introductory calls, Debra breaks through the barricades of automated telephone systems, and the line of gatekeepers employed to keep all but the most serious inquiries away from the key decision-making managers. She sells those managers on you and your skills and orchestrates phone calls for you - with managers who not only expect your call, but usually welcome it with open arms.

Though Debra concentrates the lion's share of her efforts on FastTrack Express clients, she also offers consulting services on an hourly basis for specifically defined job search activities, including: corporate due diligence; financial reporting; biographical research; "elevator speeches"; letters of introduction. She also facilitates particular personal connections - for example, to a specific hiring manager who's in control of the job of a lifetime that you just happened to see advertised recently.

Professional fees are based on individual project requirements. In almost every instance, JobWhiz services are a tax-deductible job search expense (check with your tax professional to be sure). For more detailed information, get in touch with Debra Feldman now!

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