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Success Stories

Every client's situation presents unique challenges and opportunities. As a result, the executive job search solution that Debra Feldman, the JobWhiz™, designs for YOU is custom-tailored to optimize your positioning and create critical connections, drastically reducing the time it takes to find your next position. Here, Debra shares five examples from her diverse client base.

An award-winning advertising executive, J.D. never lacked calls from headhunters. As his reputation grew, he suddenly found himself with too many choices for his future path. The JobWhiz™ helped J.D. clarify his desired criteria and redefine his positioning. Rather than take what hiring managers laid on the table, J.D. and the JobWhiz™ leveraged his options, making connections to positions more closely allied with J.D.'s goals. Whether you call it inside-out networking or reverse recruiting, J.D. found the leadership role he envisioned, with fantastic upside potential and great financial incentives. Truly a win-win for J.D. and his new company!

"Debra is a consummate professional of boundless energy and razor sharp insights... [who] turned every seeming obstacle into an opportunity. She helped me create an aggressive strategy for getting the critical introductions that opened many important doors. The proof of Debra's genius can be found in [my new title]. She is a joy to work with and she is all about results."
-- J.D., President, Advertising, New Media

B.N., retired President of a Fortune 50 company, wanted to keep busy on his own terms. He determined that the most satisfying years of his career had been spent as Campaign Manager for a US presidential candidate. The JobWhiz™ identified ten leading political public relations firms that shared B.N.'s values, and arranged introductions, emphasizing his interest in "getting back in the game" and contributing his services during a national or regional election. Ultimately, B.N. landed two six-month consulting assignments at his preferred billing rate, working with exactly the kind of candidates and supporters he relished.

"I never would have known where to get started to find these firms and market myself convincingly. [Debra's] knowledge and guidance were invaluable, helping me do what I have always loved the most. She made my dream come true!"
-- B.N., President & CEO, Public Relations

K.H. felt he had reached a plateau in his current position but did not want to "rock the boat." A division manager at a major consumer goods company, he had an overwhelming travel schedule which hampered his networking ability, and confidentiality was a high priority. Debra's research enabled K.H. to explore opportunities with a dozen companies in four market sectors, and Debra's discreetly-arranged meetings allowed K.H. to narrow his choices to three prospective employers. K.H. then pursued an aggressive interviewing process and eventually secured a new position. He substantially increased his base salary and performance-based compensation package, and resigned from his previous position gracefully.

"I'm still in awe of every one of your amazing initiatives. I never thought my transition could happen so quickly and quietly! Thanks for all your help and for keeping me on the right path."
-- K.H., EVP, Healthcare Services

P.G., the CEO of an industrial conglomerate, wanted a position commensurate with his skills, but with a more flexible schedule. He had been job-hunting for over a year, applying online for jobs rather than networking, when he became a JobWhiz™ client. Debra immediately deduced that his positioning was out of alignment with his goals, and thanks to Debra's guidance and encouragement, P.G. set up a consultancy to market his experience to prospects who could not afford him on a full-time basis. Both he and his clients were thrilled with the arrangements! Within two weeks of starting his new consulting business, P.G. had met his first quarter revenue target, and within six months he had five retainers on account, and three more in the pipeline.

"Debra is my coach and advisor. I count on her for her insights and look forward to collaborating with her in the future. She has turned my life around!!"
-- P.G., CEO, Manufacturing Consultant

J.G., a financial executive for a high technology start-up, decided to return to his former industry, real estate development and management. He contacted the JobWhiz™ to help him target potential employers that had not been on his radar, due to his time away from the real estate industry. He also wanted help identifying which companies presented the strongest growth potential, and sought to Network Purposefully™ by refreshing his old contacts and developing new ones. Narrowing down the list to a handful of targets, Debra formulated an aggressive interview strategy, and within ten weeks J.G. accepted a seven-figure offer.

"One of the best consultants I have ever worked with...dedicated, tireless, reliable, thorough, clever."
-- J.G. CFO, Real Estate

Contact the JobWhiz™ now to find out how you can Network Purposefully™ and get the executive job of your dreams. Want to read more high praises for Debra and her unique services first? Check out her testimonials page, which will also give you greater insight into the range of industries and fields of expertise represented in Debra's client base.

Don't worry if your specialty isn't mentioned - just read her frequently asked questions page to find out how Debra can help anyone, in any business or discipline, launch a brilliant, bold and successful executive job search.

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