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Debra Feldman, the JobWhiz™, has worked with executives across a broad spectrum of industries and job specialties. However, these professionals all have one thing in common: Debra helped them achieve remarkable success in their fields, and develop networks which will support them throughout their careers. But don't take Debra's word for it - read these glowing testimonials from her enthusiastic clients.

The most valuable portion of our collaboration was your ability to identify target company contacts and helping me present my best self to them. You delivered exactly what you promised and that is the highest praise of all. Besides, you made job hunting fun. I loved brainstorming with you. Will recommend you anytime, anywhere.
--G. M., COO, Manufacturing and Distribution

This was money well spent. You are a great job coach, a relentless taskmaster and kept me focused at all times. You managed to talk your way into the top levels of Disney (impossible), Ford (more impossible,) and even Time Warner (as a former employee, I couldn't!) You do what you say you do for clients.
--K.W., Managing Director, International Marketing

Thanks again Debra for setting up the interview. The mention of the Managing Director's name caused them to think they really should talk to me...once I got in front of them, thanks to your introduction, everything clicked!
--J.M., Head Counsel and Partner, Wealth Management Services

I never knew that job hunting could actually be fun.Discovering my target companies was exciting, and collaborating with you to identify the appropriate strategic positioning made the project progress rapidly. After almost a year of job hunting on my own, in just weeks you turned a dead campaign into a thriving, proactive search, adding much needed focus and building necessary traction. Your approach and enthusiastic support have renewed my hopes and opened doors that had been closed to me. My expectations for obtaining inside leads have been far exceeded. You are an expert networker, remarkable coach and generous mentor.
--D.H., SVP of Finance, Information Technology

The first phase was one of the best investments I have made in my career. You've taught me that I have to lay the foundation now for my next gig. The questionnaire alone taught me how I should be thinking about my campaign. I will heartily recommend you to anyone who'll listen.
--T.E., Principal, Licensing and Promotions, Entertainment

Debra, I spoke with your new client and I believe he is sold on you. He kept saying that, based on my talk with him, he felt that you were the best person for what he needs. His big question: "Debra really did for you what she says in her literature and conversations that she does for people?" Yes, Debra, you do. It is not often that one finds professionals like you with such a level of integrity and commitment, and he was pleasantly surprised.
--N.G., VP Engineering, Biomedical Technology

You have gone and done the near impossible, exceeding my expectations with your outstanding coaching advice and gift for getting right to the heart of issues. You are a very special person Debra. You can be relied on to be 100% insightful, encouraging, and upbeat.
--A.L., CFO, New Media

You are so organized, thorough and persistent, and get so much accomplished. I am very impressed by what you have been able to achieve in the amount of time we've been working together. Your assistance has really made an enormous difference. I attempted to find a new job without you for over six months, and made less of a dent than you made in a matter of weeks. My compliments for being one of the most intuitive business professionals I've met in my over 20 year career.
--P.G., CFO/COO, Paper Manufacturing

Debra was right there with me working on my job search every day and helped with research on companies. I think her service is exceptional. I learned a lot from her and she was instrumental in helping me get the job and the salary I wanted. I don't think you can go wrong.
--D. B., VP Operations, Beverage Production

I can tell you that I wish I had begun the process so much sooner than I had. Her integrity, honesty and caring have been a breath of fresh air. I sincerely doubt that you will be able to find anyone with her skills and expertise who really cares and is concerned about representing you. If you are one of the elite that she represents - you are indeed fortunate! You will make contacts for life.
--P.H., SVP, Human Resources, Government

Debra, I have to thank you for setting up the inperson networking meetings. The President and Sales VP were extremely impressed with your representation and had outstanding praise for your introductory letter as "better than any resume". They praised you for being well prepared and a very polished professional . Importantly they told me that you did a very good job of catching their interest and getting them to want to learn more about me. All in all it was the right place to start a networking contact.
--J. S., Regional GM, Specialty Insurance

She was excellent at getting me an audience with the most senior executives in my target companies. She is persistent and very professional, so nice you can't say no to her. As a result of working with Debra, I had several excellent opportunities, and decided to take a position just a few weeks ago. You can count me as another win for Debra!! I highly recommend her.
--R.C., SVP Global Sales, Information Technology

Thanks for making it happen. I've really liked working with you. Your methodology is a good one and your execution is good. You are sincere, enthusiastic, thoughtful, and tactfully aggressive. You certainly have the talent. I want to be a poster boy for the Debra Feldman way! You are one of the most sincere, nicest people that I have met in my business life and I am thankful for having met you. I fully understand that nothing of value happens without hard work, persistence, and passion. Thanks for the kick in the butt.
--P.M., EVP, Professional Services, Management Consulting

Of course, she could not promise a job, and she was always straightforward about that fact. Her mission was how to find a job. She did that with great diplomacy, humor and zeal. Without hesitation, I highly recommend her.
--J.E., Senior Counsel, Patents and Copyrights

Debra, you are to be highly commended on your CRM. You keep in touch and are diligent in maintaining meaningful communication. You are one of the rare few that follow up. I got the job and will definitely be back for my next campaign.
--R.W., CEO, Non-Government Organization

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